5 Ways to Improve Your Garden

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Maintaining your garden has many benefits. Not only will it allow you to enjoy your outside space throughout the summer months, It can also add value to your property and help you to sell it. Many house buyers can be put off by unsightly ‘jungles’ when viewing potential purchases.

Here are a few ways to improve your garden:

1. Hedge Cutting makes a huge impact on a garden if it has been left for some time especially if the hight has been neglected. Tall hedges limit light into your garden.

2. Landscaping abandoned or unused areas gives your outdoor space a new lease of life. You will be pleasantly surprised how much garden space you can create with a little clever thinking.

3. Painting fences, sheds and outdoor furniture can dramatically improve the look and feel.

4. Remove all garden waste and clutter from your garden. Why hold on to rusty bikes or unused clutter. Streamlining your space not only looks better but also makes you feel amazing.

5. Keeping your lawn areas cut regularly and trees / shrubs pruned adds a big impact on how your garden looks.


Brambles, Hawthorns and Hedge Reductions

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Our Garden Clearance and Hedge Maintenance Services have seen an influx of calls recently throughout Pagham, Aldwick and Fishbourne.

This is common for this time of year as we enter the landscaping season. Generally the first job is to clear a garden or wasteland of unwanted brambles, hedges, trees and ground.

One job in particular involved the widening of a very long driveway which had been overtaken by brambles, hawthorns and blackthorns.

These types of weeds and trees can be extremely dangerous to remove because of the large thorns.

Extreme caution must be taken and the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn at all times.

We started at the entrance to the driveway with the chipper directly behind us to avoid any dragging. Once we established how far to cut back the overgrown shrubbery it was a case of one person hedge cutting into the side to allow for the second tree surgeon to begin felling and reducing the Hawthorne trees and other tree species. The brambles were cut to ground level.

We then carefully loaded the waste into the chipper for safe removal. Another happy customer!


Avoid Rogue Traders by using Checkatrade

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We have noticed a high increase in rouge Tree Surgeons recently around West Sussex.

Arboriculture (Tree Surgery) is a highly skilled profession which should only be carried out with the proper training and knowledge.

Quite often customers are drawn towards a cheeper price when looking for a tradesman. This is not always the best option if you want to prevent potential damage to trees, not to mention dangers to  the public.

There is often a reason why tree surgeons are cheap – no insurance, lack of experience or unskilled. Many of the trees across West Sussex and Hampshire are being butchered by unskilled individuals and we are keen to put a stop to this.

Key tips for looking for a Tree Surgery Company

Checkatrade – You cannot hold an account with Checkatrade without appropriate insurance and referencing. This is a great start.

Read the reviews – If customers write reviews on Checkatrade make sure you read them!

Insurance – This is vital. No Tree Surgeon can guarantee problems won’t occur when working at hight or with dangerous trees.

Recommendation – Reputation is everything.

Cloud Landscapes continue to offer a highly skilled Tree Surgery Service. For more enquiries please get in touch.


SPRING: Hedge trimming season is upon us!

hedge garden maintanence wittering

Cloud Landscapes offer Hedge Maintenance Services from the smallest of garden hedges to the more established boundaries.

Hedges are an integral part of many customers gardens. This is why our Tree Surgeons and Garden Maintenance Team always advise to regularly maintain them.

Another popular service we offer is Hedge and Tree replacement. Most customers will be faced with the dilemma of patchy hedges or diseased trees at some point. This is a common problem when it comes to laylandii species. A huge mistake is to cut them back too far which causes them to go brown and never recover.

A simple solution is to either replace a small section of the hedge by cutting out the dead or patchy section. Another option is to remove the entire hedge, grind the stumps and re-plant with like for like species or a more hardwearing hedge such as Laurel (very popular choice). The final option which is also very popular on boundary lines is to remove the hedges completely and replace with fencing. This is a fantastic option is many cases and enables smaller more manageable planting option to be considered in front of the new fence.


Tree Cutting, Hedge Planting and Pruning

Tree Cutting, Hedge Planting and Pruning

March has given us plenty of work with jobs such as Tree Cutting, Felling, Pruning, Hedge Shaping and Laurel Planting.

With Spring just around the corner we have noticed an influx of Garden Maintenance enquiries in preparation for this years new growth.

We spent a few days in Brandy Hole Lane, Chichester. This was a tree surgery job which involved removing a very dangerous, large limb from a Monterey Pine Tree. The tree had been damaged in the recent storms. Underneath the Monterey Pine was a dead Sycamore Tree which was growing dangerously into the Pines canopy.

Adding to the list of jobs a Chestnut Tree was also heavily encroaching over the customers roof line. We removed sections of the tree which we identified as being dangerous to the property.

Once the work had been carried out the Monterey Pine Tree was left with more room within the canopy. This allowed air to circulate better and reduce any unwanted strain on the tree.

Adding to the Tree Work around Sussex we have performed various Tree Reductions in the Chichester and Wittering area. These Jobs were mainly small but had a great impact on the customers Gardens.

We also had a call from a customer in Donnington, Chichester who recently used us for a Landscaping Project.

We were asked back to plant a 10m stretch of Laurel Hedge in preparation for removing an old Laylandii Hedge which has reached its last legs.

Fantastic work all-round from the team.




Storm Imogen keeps the Sussex Tree Surgeons busy.

Storm Imogen tree surgeans

So far this winter West Sussex has been hit by eight storms. Storm Imogen was the latest to hit the Southern region and kept our Tree Surgeons and Landscapers extremely busy.

The high winds caused devastation to many trees leaving them in a very dangerous state. The biggest problem was snapped limbs and uprooted trees.

The Image above shows a fallen Ash Tree which had split at the base and ended up in the neighbours garden.

The main danger for our Sussex Arborists was the remaining upright stem. This was due to the root plate having severe rot and being torn in half.

Our expert associate Stephen Bacon came to the rescue and climbed up the tree, safely dismantling it in small sections. Luckily there was minimal damage to the property and garden.

Our biggest job was a very large Monterey Pine which we dismantled over three days. This was again a very difficult procedure as 30% of the trees canopy was over the roof and chimney breast.

We lowered the stems and large limbs using specialist rigging equipment. Once the tree canopy was safely dismantled the remaining central stem was felled directly into the field next door.

To view our video of this work please click on the link below:


Tree Topping | Hedge Reduction

Tree Topping


Our Chichester based Tree Surgery Company is often call out to inspect a large number of tree and hedge species.

A common reason for the call out is to assess the safety of the trees. Secondly (especially with hedges) they have been left to grow too high and can no longer be maintained by the customer.

Cypress species are ofter planted as windbreaks or boundaries. Unfortunately because of their shallow root systems they are susceptible to falling over in high winds or extremely wet soil conditions. Once one tree comes down, they often fall in a domino effect.

One solution is to ‘Top Out’ the trees and hedges. This simply means removing the top canopy of the tree or hedge by up to 50% depending on the severity of the concern and species of the tree. This dose not mean the tree will die, it simply prevents excess strain being put on the tree due to high winds or extremely wet soil conditions.

Another good reason for this approach to tree work is to open up the canopy. This allows light into the garden and creates a feeling of more space.

We are always happy to visit customers and offer friendly advise. Don’t be a stranger, call a tree ranger!


Busy Tree Work in January.

Tree Removal


January has been a very busy month for us. Work has included Tree Removals in Middleton, Tree Felling in Donnington, Hedge Cutting in Chichester and Stump Removals in Fontwell.

Our next Landscaping Project begins on Monday. This will include the removal of a large Conifer Hedge, installing new fencing, laying a new pathway and fitting a new gate. The work will create a brand new entrance for the customer into there garden.

Bookings have already started flooding in and now is a great time for pruning trees and hedges before this years growth begins. Spring is only round the corner!

A large portion of this week has involved clearing some remaining trees to the entrance of a proposed industrial site in Emsworth.

We cleared most of the site last year and returned this week to finish the entrance. Some larger, well established Lime Trees also needed to be Dead-wooded, crown raised and reduced for future preservation.

The architect had worked the trees into the site development plan and therefore needed to be made safe for potential landscaping around them.

For Tree Work, Landscaping and Groundwork enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to provide a free no obligation estimate.