Brambles, Hawthorns and Hedge Reductions

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Our Garden Clearance and Hedge Maintenance Services have seen an influx of calls recently throughout Pagham, Aldwick and Fishbourne.

This is common for this time of year as we enter the landscaping season. Generally the first job is to clear a garden or wasteland of unwanted brambles, hedges, trees and ground.

One job in particular involved the widening of a very long driveway which had been overtaken by brambles, hawthorns and blackthorns.

These types of weeds and trees can be extremely dangerous to remove because of the large thorns.

Extreme caution must be taken and the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn at all times.

We started at the entrance to the driveway with the chipper directly behind us to avoid any dragging. Once we established how far to cut back the overgrown shrubbery it was a case of one person hedge cutting into the side to allow for the second tree surgeon to begin felling and reducing the Hawthorne trees and other tree species. The brambles were cut to ground level.

We then carefully loaded the waste into the chipper for safe removal. Another happy customer!


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