Hedge Cutting Services

Maintaining the shape of your Hedges throughout West Sussex

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Cloud Landscapes offer both regular and one off Hedge Cutting Services to customers across the South Coast.

Our team of experts are trained in the use of specialist hedging ladders and long reach cutters which allow us to take on a wide range of jobs including maintaining 50ft Laylandii Hedges to more Formal Hedge Trimming.

We recommend that most hedges are trimmed at least twice a year in order to maintain there shape and size.

Regular Hedge Maintenance is especially important with plant species such as Lawson and Laylandii as they cannot be pruned back to the wood.

It is very common for customers to neglect there hedges and let them become too big to cut into a formative shape. In these cases a much more drastic approach is needed to stop them getting out of hand.

Hedges will only look neat with regular maintenance.

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Free Hedge Cutting Quotation

To receive a free Hedge Trimming quotation and site visit throughout Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire please get in touch.