Emergency Tree Services Chichester

We have seen an increase in tree work over the last few days due to the extreme weather conditions around Chichester this December.

It comes as no surprise to us when weather warnings are in place that our phone will start ringing. 

We have many years experience tackling the most difficult and dangerous tree jobs after high winds have caused severe damage such as fallen trees and garden damage. 

Quite often we are asked to stay on after fallen trees have been safely dealt with to tidy up the garden or re-landscape areas which have been effected by the bad weather. 

After a big storm our landscaping work can range from complete new patios to replacing fences and garden buildings.

Adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, fog, ice and snow can all play a huge part in the safety of trees, especially the larger, more mature species. 

Our 24 Hour Emergency Tree Surgery team are always on call to help in your hour of need.