Garden Construction Chichester

Some of the best patios can connect your garden with the rest of the property. If designed correctly using the right materials, patios can also improve the look of the home. For us, linking the building and the garden is a key point to any garden design.

Create an outdoor room

Outdoor rooms in our opinion should also act as an extension of the house. That really does mean a room! – heating, electric, seating, even WIFI. 

Choose quality materials

Polished stone for example has a incredibly luxurious feel underfoot, its also very tactile. Stone is available in so many colours and finishes to suite your style. It’s now easy to give your patio its own distinct character. Precise edges give a crisp clean effect whilst a rounded-edge stone can create a very rustic feel. Grouting or butting up also alters the look and feel of the design, not to mention how you arrange the paving slabs.

Add planters and raised beds

Using planters and raised boarders creates interest and adds lots of colour and texture. Rendered raised beds create a more contemporary feel than wooden planters, railway sleepers, stone or brick walls. Fibreglass planters are also very impressive. They can replicate metals like solid copper and zinc and are a lighter weight option that come in a wide variety of styles.

Think about privacy

Screening is very important. Painted wooden decking works brilliantly as boundary cladding in this small urban garden. We always recommend cedar as it requires little or no maintenance. 

Consider a water feature

Water features are an excellent focal point on a patio. No garden oasis is complete without the calming look and sound of water. 

Shade your patio

Shade is surprisingly important in an English garden. Awnings or shade sails will protect against mid-day sun as well as provide cover should a rain shower threaten to spoil the fun.

Outdoor furniture

Creating a relaxing place to enjoy your space can easily be done with some comfortable patio furniture. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials including rattan, wood or metal.