Chichester Hedge Cutting and Tree Trimming

Top tips for trimming your chichester hedges this year.

Pruning your hedges in summer means they will always look neat and tidy throughout the growing season and also into the winter months.

Regardless of what kind of hedge species, there are certain principles that apply to all hedges. 

  • Ear protection and eye protection are a must. 
  • Start cutting your hedge from the bottom working up, in nice sweeping movements. 
  • Summer is the best time for hedge cutting
  • Be extremely careful not to cut through the wire if you’re using mains electricity. 
  • When cutting the top of the hedge, make sure to use a sturdy ladder on a flat surface. 
  • If you have time, come back the next day and clean up any bits you’ve missed. 
  • Hedge cuttings also make “brilliant” compost!

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