Maintain your Landscaping with Garden Clearance and Site Tree Removal Chichester


 Maintaining your landscaping should be an ongoing task, rather than one that’s done when things have gotten out of hand. If you’ve let your garden get slightly wild, then a bit of planning and good execution can bring it back to its former glory in no time. Think of it as a strategic project that needs to be completed, rather than just a random venture that has no structure at all to it. 

Before you begin your autumn garden clearance and treeremoval, there are a few things you should think about. 

What’s your strategy? 

You’ll need to fully assess the site to know what you’re in for, and inspect your tool selection to make sure you have everything you need for the job. Things to consider are:  

- How bad is it exactly? If the garden is buried under thick unwanted vegetation, then you’ll have a bigger job on your hands than you may have first thought.

- Size matters: The size of the garden effects the amount of time it will take to clear it.

- How will you remove debris? You can do it manually or use things like weed control products, electric tools etc. This will have a direct effect on the amount of time you’ll spend clearing the site.

- Determine what your goals are: Knowing what you want to achieve will determine what strategy you take.

- Consider all elements not just the plants: When you’re wanting to clear or remove trees, you should take into consideration the ecological sensitivity of the site before making any changes. If a tree is used as a nesting site for local birds or animals, then any changes could have dire effects.

Handy garden clearance tips

- Use the seasons to your advantage: Trying to reclaim an overgrown garden in summer is a no go. Autumn or early spring is a great time to get started as this is when plant life slows down or hasn’t yet emerged.

- Work in segments: If the site is large then working in smaller sections will help. Clear small sections at a time and gradually work your way through the garden.

- Solarise the soil of flower beds: Keep on top of weeds in autumn by covering these areas with a clear plastic sheet and securing it with stones. The sun and generated heat will kill any weedlings that may be still popping up, as well as seeds, pest insects, bacteria and fungi in the soil. Remove the plastic at the start of spring.

- Divide perennials: In autumn, divide the perennials that have overtaken the site and transplant only those you wish to have in your garden.

- Put an old carpet to good use: Put an old carpet made from natural fibres on top of weeds, once they’ve turned limp and yellow, they’ll be much easier to pull out.

- Consider a compost bin: Composting now will give your garden a boost the following year. Compost what you can from the clean-up job to boost to your plants in next year’s spring.

Clearing unwanted trees

Removing old and dying trees can be a task in itself. Here are some tips to addressing unwanted trees in your garden:

- Check that the tree(s) you’re planning to remove aren’t protected by a Tree Preservation Order. This is an order made by a local planning authority to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands.

- You can either saw a medium-sized tree or fell it with an axe and then use a digger to remove the stump, but this should be done with caution. 

Professional Garden Services 

If the task seems too difficult then consider engaging a professional garden service like Cloud Landscapes. Having worked with commercial and private customers, as well as local authorities, we’re able to provide site clearance services to meet any requirement. We’ll clear any site safely and efficiently using high-tech machinery where necessary. Our remote-controlled equipment and caged cabs ensure that operators are removed from risky tasks when clearing a challenging site. 

Ecologically sensitive sites are no problem for us, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the site is handled with care. 

Our garden services and site tree removal services include: 

- Vegetation and bush clearance

- Tree and shrub clearance 

- Ecologically sensitive site clearance

Don’t risk it. If the job is too big, speak to one of our team members for professional site clearance services within Chichester, West Sussex and the surrounds.