Emergency Tree work

Emergency Tree Work after Storm Freya hits.

Itchenor & Birdham Tree Surgery Services

stRong winds & Rain kept our chichester based ARBORISTS busy this weekend.

After Launching our new mobile tree estimates service last week our customers took full advantage In receiving same day quotations and fast call Out RESPONSES during the worst of our weather this weekend.

Simply by taking a photo or video along with a brief description and sending it directly to our company mobile number allows us to quickly respond to emergency tree jobs and prioritise the most dangerous storm damaged trees.

Quite often after a Tree has fallen we are asked to ‘make good’ the areas which is where our landscaping team come into play.

For more information on our ‘Mobile Estimates’ click on the link.


Emergency Landscaping & Garden Reconstruction | Boxgrove, Chichester

After a bus crash left this Sussex Garden severely damaged we were asked to make good and reconstruct the areas.

The crash caused huge damage to an old Sussex flint wall and the impact caused glass to shatter all over the front of the property.

For safety and due to the damage caused we had no choice but to start from scratch.

First up we removed all the debris and glass which included excavating the lawn, shingle areas and bedding areas.

Once a blank canvas was re-established we started with installing new wooded shuttering to retain the top soil, new lawn then separated the areas from the planting and shingle sections.

We levelled off the lawn area using topsoil and rakes followed by re-turfing and back filling the flower beds with fresh topsoil.

Finally we re-pruned the damaged trees and removed any damaged branches. New plants and hedges were installed to replace the damaged ones and finally we added back the marine shingle to finish off the pathway areas.

The finished garden looks great alongside the the newly constructed flint wall.

You would never know such a collision took place!

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