Land Clearance

Emergency Landscaping & Garden Reconstruction | Boxgrove, Chichester

After a bus crash left this Sussex Garden severely damaged we were asked to make good and reconstruct the areas.

The crash caused huge damage to an old Sussex flint wall and the impact caused glass to shatter all over the front of the property.

For safety and due to the damage caused we had no choice but to start from scratch.

First up we removed all the debris and glass which included excavating the lawn, shingle areas and bedding areas.

Once a blank canvas was re-established we started with installing new wooded shuttering to retain the top soil, new lawn then separated the areas from the planting and shingle sections.

We levelled off the lawn area using topsoil and rakes followed by re-turfing and back filling the flower beds with fresh topsoil.

Finally we re-pruned the damaged trees and removed any damaged branches. New plants and hedges were installed to replace the damaged ones and finally we added back the marine shingle to finish off the pathway areas.

The finished garden looks great alongside the the newly constructed flint wall.

You would never know such a collision took place!

For emergency insurance tree work and landscaping renovations contact Cloud Landscapes Ltd today for a free estimate. 

Landscape Design Project | Cambrai Avenue, Chichester.

This week our Landscaping team carried out a garden transformation in Chichester, West Sussex.

The work description was as follows:

1. Remove shingle and ground matting from front entrance. Remove stumps and level off area.

2. Create two wooden raised beds either side of the rear back garden.

3. Create divide between existing garden and new hight shingle path leading to garden studio.

4. Instal Indian sandstone stepping path leading to garden studio.

5. Infil around new Indian sandstone stepping path and raised beds with marine shingle.

6. Remove stumps in the back garden. 

Despite the dreadful weather at the beginning of the week we managed to complete the job before Virgin Media took up half the street installing fiberoptic broadband!

The final garden design looks great! Once the borders have been planted out and the grass seed begins to tie in the two garden areas we are certain the small garden will have big appeal!

Site Clearance, Land Clearance Chichester

Cloud Landscapes Ltd specialise in site clearance, land clearance, tree clearance throughout Chichester, removing entire trees of any diameter.

We also carry out forestry mulching operations in the West Sussex area, to safely remove the remains of trees and vegetation including stumps and roots.

Tree Clearance, Site Clearance Chichester

We use high powered machinery and highly skilled experts to achieve a fast and efficient land clearance service which enables projects to stay on schedule.

When clearing sites, in most cases the mulched material is incorporated into the top soil or can be scraped up and stockpiled for later use.

For professional and environmentally friendly site clearance, land clearance and tree clearance options contact Cloud Landscapes Ltd today on 01243 530 170.

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