Winter Garden Maintenance Chichester, West Sussex

December is the perfect time of the year to contact our landscapers, tree surgeons and garden designers to discuss updating, reshaping, or completely redesigning your outside space.

Customers typically wait until spring to contact us, only to find that we are already very busy. 

Our suggestion would be to plan ahead to get your best garden service for 2018.

Winter Pruning

Now is the time to begin pruning your trees and hedges (not forgetting the roses too). In order to improve the production of both fruit trees and rose bushes, you must prune before they start to bud.

It is also important to cut back overgrown bushes and trim non-fruit trees before they start to grow again.

Professional pruning consists of removing any deadwood, crossing branches and thin branches so they will not become too heavy with fruit.

For more information on our garden services or to arrange a free quotation please get in touch.