How to receive a Garden Design, Landscaping or Tree Surgery Quotation in the Chichester area.

Free Initial Consultation  

For all enquires, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss the potential work. This includes garden design suggestions and guidelines alongside general advise for tree surgery, landscaping and groundwork’s. 

All estimates are emailed or sent directly to the client for approval in a contractually binding format. 

Tree work and smaller enquires can often be calculated from just one visit or from our new online estimate service. 

We would strongly advise not to ask for “ball park figures” as this holds no guarantees in comparison to a contracted estimate provided by us once we have calculated the work accurately.

Mobile Estimates 

Cloud Mobile Estimates service allows customers to receive a same day response and fast track quotation without the need to wait for a suitable appointment time to visit the site. This service works well with garden maintenance enquiries such as tree surgery and hedge cutting quotations. 

Simply send a photo or video along with a brief description of the job (including driveway access in relation to job locations) to our contact telephone number or email below and you will receive a free estimate the same day. 

This service is subject to clear images / videos and accurate descriptions. Any vague details could lead to a delay in receiving a fast tack quote or a site visit being scheduled

Written Quotations and free garden design CALCULATIONS

For most garden design projects and to generate an accurate quotation, a second site visit is required to finalise design layouts, survey working areas and calculate costings accurately.

Rather than charge for garden designs which can work out very expensive for customers throughout the duration of a project, we suggest this service works well as a first option.

We happily advise free of charge any garden design options and welcome customer input throughout the process. 

Estimate breakdowns include: 

  • Measurements

  • Project description

  • Estimate of quantities

  • Suggested design materials

  • Costings based on current discussed layout

Second site visits including formatted quotations are charged at £360.00 inc. 

Please Note: Payment in full is required on the day of the second site visit prior to any cost calculations being handed back to the client. Drawings and sketch plans are not included in the price. Design imagery is charged separately.

Our fee will be deducted from the final invoice should you wish to proceed with the written quotation. 

To arrange a second meeting with us, please complete the booking form on the link below using the same reference:

Book a second site visit and quotation.