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If a tree has become unsteady, full of disease or hazardous to property and personal welfare it is likely it will have to be felled. For this to be carried out a professional tree surgeon must be employed to ensure the safety and peace of mind of everyone concerned, no more so than if the tree has any proximity to the public.

Tree felling is a hazardous occupation that should not be undertaken by just anyone. There is the risk of having trees fall on you, or on the house you are trying to remove them from the vicinity of and many other risks. For this reason, it is advisable to hire an insured tree feller to remove any trees that are causing you problems.

If you hire a person sitting on the street corner to do your tree felling, you run the risk of causing untold damages to you property and the person as well. You would then be liable for their medical expenses as they were injured by an event on your property. If you had hired a fully insured tree feller you would not have this kind of problem.

Fully insured fellers are covered by their own insurance and you will not be held liable for their injuries or damages to your property should things go wrong. These will be the responsibility of the insurance company backing the tree feller.

Should you hire services or do the task personally? - Most people ask themselves this major question. You should not ignore it as well. The answer for this question will depend on how much expertise you have on tree felling process. Those people who decide to hire do it for a few reasons. Some have the expertise and the equipment, but they lack time to do the job. Others have the equipment, but they lack the expertise. In addition, some people have the expertise but they lack the equipment. The quantity of people who lack both the equipment and the expertise are the highest. Those who match the final two descriptions have no choice other than hiring. The remaining two people could easily solve the problem, which keep them from doing the task. When you decide to hire, considering a few important factors is necessary. For instance, you want to be sure of the company's legitimacy, expertise, charges, nature of service delivery and other issues

Tree felling should technically only be undertaken by those who have experience in the business and the correct insurance cover. Otherwise any damages will be your problem as normal house insurance does not cover accidents of this nature. It is by far a lot safer to hire a professional than a person with a cardboard sign on the side of the road.

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