Checkatrade Tree Surgery Services Cloud Landscapes Ltd. Here are just a few services our Tree Maintenance Arborists have to offer:

Tree felling

Tree felling is a highly skilled technique for causing a tree to fall in a specific direction and in a controlled manner. This is achieved using a series of carefully positioned cuts at the base of the trunk. 

Tree Pruning

Prior to undertaking any tree work, it is essential to ascertain whether the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or Conservation Area legislation. This information can be quickly found out from your local council, or we can do this on your behalf.

Tree Crown Lift

The intention of a tree crown lift is to increase the gap between ground level and the tree crown.

Tree Dead Wooding

The removal of dead or dying branches, tree dead wooding, is usually performed for safety and aesthetics. Larger dead branches can be safely retained (in order to provide habitat for birds and insects) by reducing their length and weight. 

Tree Crown Thinning

Tree crown thinning is the selective removal of small, live branches from throughout the tree crown to increase light penetration and air movement. 

Tree Crown Reductions

A tree crown reduction is an operation that reduces the overall size of a tree’s crown by shortening all stems and branches by a specific amount. This amount is now normally stipulated in metres.