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Cloud Landscapes has been operating since 2007, providing outdoor services throughout Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire. We specialise in landscaping, tree surgery and garden design, providing high quality service to a large array of customers.

A big part of our business is garden design. We have a passion for delivering excellence and simplicity in our garden designs, and use our vast knowledge and experience to ensure that every customer gets the garden of their dreams.

We understand that a garden is an extension of a living / recreational space and designing that space can often be stressful for those that don’t have the expertise. We have experts that manage the process from start to finish, taking the stress out of the experience. From initial consultation to final product, we ensure that we listen to our customers needs and create a garden that suits their requirements. Our designs consider all aspects of a garden like use, size, shape and direction.

Gardens have so many uses, and we make sure that we fully understand this aspect before we start the design process. Our customers are designing their gardens for a reason, whether it be for serenity, beauty or entertainment, and we make sure this aspect is completely encompassed in the garden design.

Our designs are cutting edge and modern yet they embrace simplicity. The key to any garden or outdoor space is that “less is more”. Simplicity doesn’t mean boring, it means focused. Simplicity allows for certain key pieces (plants and structures) to make an impact and draw the eye of the visitor to certain places, and take them on a journey through the space. The flow of the space is very important in getting the desired feel.

Gardens are generally limited in space so our designs ensure that the space is maximised and fully utilised, however we can design gardens of any size with ease. Using every nook and cranny, and not being afraid to take over some lawn space, ensures that the space is used to it’s full potential. Being bold and thinking “outside the box” are not to be shied away from, we embrace them in our designs.  

Shape does play a part of any garden design. However, our experts use their skills to manipulate spaces to get the desired outcome; they use structures and plants to trick the eye, creating a desired angles.

The direction the space is facing is also an important part of the design. Whether our customers want to get the most of the afternoon sunshine or get some shade, we ensure that the right light is utilised in our designs.

If you are wanting an award-winning garden design company to provide you with excellence and simplicity then go no further, Cloud Landscapes is here to help.

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Cloud Landscapes are the most professional company we have used to date. From quotation to delivery they are a cut above the rest. We can’t recommend them highly enough. We also love there news blogs, fantastic!
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